Mittwoch, 19. Mai 2010

Dienstag, 22. Dezember 2009

Pumpkin Fuck

Instead of Trick or Treating, our new stud Darin carves his pumpkin at home alone. Horned and full of cum, he dreams of fucking hottie Calo. Darin shoves his huge dick down Calos throat, and fucks him hard and long, completing his pumpkin fantasy! Boo!

Close and Personal

Jesse Swift knows he is a hot blond twink, so he takes the camera and films himself exploring every inch of his body. After the armpits and legs, he whips out his dick, strokes it slow, plays with his ass, and flips over to blow a hot load on himself.

Juiced Up

Jesse catches Ryan the electrician on his couch. Instead of angry, Jesse is horny seeing Ryan - his smooth tight bod and nice cock. Jesse goes down and deepthroats until Ryan takes charge and fucks him silly. These sexy young guys cannot get enough!

Electric Company

Jesse calls the electrician but has to leave unexpectedly. Curious Ryan Cyprus finds the porn and begins to pleasure himself. Soon Ryan is naked on the couch rubbing his smooth 18 year old body, six pack and all, and wanking his hard cock until he blows.

Jake Gets A Raise

Jake asks for a raise to pay for his pet cobra. Kinky Ethan makes squeamish Jake spread his cheeks for an ass exam and rimming. As Jake pounds his long shaft into Ethan, Ethan screams - fuck me Daddy! - then blows a wad. Jake gives a Ehtna a hot facial.

Dildo Mania

Jesse decides that David Wolfe needs a dildo or two up his ass, so he asks Krist to do the honors. After slurping their cocks like frozen blue ice-pops on a hot summer day, Krist loosens up Davids hole - first with a small then with an XXX-size!